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If you’re looking for an awesome self balancing unicycle you’ve come to a right place. We’re sure we will help you to find the best possible model out there.

Self Balancing Unicycles

So what exactly is a self balancing unicycle? It is an electric vehicle that uses advanced sensors to assist a person with balancing on a single wheel. This is possible thanks to mathematical calculations based on data from the on-board gyroscopes. The vehicle’s processor makes hundreds corrections per second to the motor speed and power to keep you in balance. The rider can control the unicycle by leaning forward or backward. This way you can easily go forward, go backward, accelerate, decelerate and even stop and stay in that position.

The unicycles became extremely popular during last few months and are used not only as a trendy cool gadget but also as a transportation vehicle. It is a very convenient way to get to your work, school etc. It is light enough to carry it with you practically anywhere.

The average unicycle can speed up to around 18km/h and has a practical range of about 20km per charge. But there are models you can ride even at the speed of 40km/h and with the more powerful battery you can increase the range. The maximum load of almost all vehicles is around 120kg so if your weight is lower than this you can be sure that whatever you purchase it will be able to support you. If you are a beginner you can always buy a unicycle with a training wheels. It will be much more easier to learn that way.

So now you’re ready to choose from the many different models described here. Hope this website will be more than helpful to you.

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